Explanation of the project and the future "coffee" operations.



The coffee project is not just selling collections of NFT coffee mugs, it is much more than that, and this reality is already here, "thanks to the blockchain", and it is here to stay!!!

Get inside the whole coffee project.

Coffees are part of our daily lives, whether physical or virtual, so we are transporting them to Metaverse expecting excellent benefits.


All COFFEES are original and unique NFTs, the design is rare and special, they will be considered a piece of "Art" for COFFEE lovers.


As the project continues grow, we will give exclusive access and rewards to our community. We will constantly offer prizes in multiple forms, such as Cafaine, Sneak-peaks, Merchandise, Giveaways and much more. Our goal is to constantly give back to our supportive community through this evolution.


New collections with brand new COFFEES will be designed and crafted. As collections release, we envisioned and planned a strategic integration in RPG games that incorporates roguelike and tabletop elements in treacherous PVE and PVP environments in the new universe of Metaverse.


We believe in complete ownership and fair distribution within our clique. The Royalties belong to the people who buy and sell COFFEES!


Become part of an amazing community that encourages love for COFFEE. As our member base expands our goal is to give each and every one of our collectors a more rewarding experience.

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